Five things you need to know about MIPIM

Five things you need to know about MIPIM

The countdown to MIPIM (Cannes, 10-13 March 2020) is on, with less than four months left until the world’s largest property show!

More than 40 private and public sector attendees gathered as the Midlands UK delegation welcomed MIPIM newcomers and veterans to Cundall’s offices in Birmingham.

The event provided an opportunity for delegates to share their insight and tips for making MIPIM a success.

Simon Hall, Deputy Director at the Department for International Trade, welcomed the delegation followed by a panel session with experienced MIPIM delegates including:

  • Belinda Morgan, Partner at Cundall
  • Rob Valentine, Head of Birmingham at Bruntwood
  • Andrew Jones, Cities Programme Lead at AECOM

With many years’ experience behind them and lots of tips and tricks to share, we have produced a top five list that will ensure you make MIPIM a success.

1. Action plan

This might seem a no-brainer, however being in a different country and with more than 20,000 delegates, it is crucial to plan. Prepare early, book your meetings, but crucially do not over commit – often, spontaneous meetings generate great leads.

2. No place like home…

MIPIM is the only event where you can access the UK’s regional public sector stakeholders in just three days. Use this opportunity to organise meetings and networking with Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Councils.

3. Smells like team spirit

MIPIM is an action packed three-day event so don’t go it alone. The Midlands UK Pavilion provides bespoke meeting space, branding opportunities and a strong network of key decision makers to enhance your experience. As a Midlands UK partner, you can use its Pavilion as a base to meet and do business.

4. Master of (business) cards

With delegates from 100 different countries, you’ll be arriving back with a lot of business cards. Be sure to keep track of your conversations by either scribbling details onto the card or using a voice recorder – this means you can follow up quickly with the assurance you have everything you need. Use your phone to take a picture of all business cards, so you don’t lose anyone’s details.

5. Keeping it practical

MIPIM might be hosted in beautiful Cannes, but it stills requires plenty of walking. Be sure to take your most comfortable shoes and have Google Maps on hand.

The West Midlands Growth Company organise the Midlands UK presence at MIPIM. To find out more, click here or speak to the team at