Foreword for Midlands UK delegation at MIPIM 2017

Foreword for Midlands UK delegation at MIPIM 2017

Sir John Peace, Chairman of the Midlands Engine

I’m delighted the Midlands is coming together on an unprecedented scale at MIPIM to attract even more investment from around the world.

MIPIM is always a success for our region and this year we have more exciting investment opportunities than ever before. For the first time, a Midlands Pavilion will be showcasing the wide range of investment opportunities across the region, demonstrating to investors around the world that the Midlands is open for business and can offer a global proposition.

The Midlands Engine is working hard to accelerate growth across the whole region and Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, universities and businesses are all collaborating to bring this ambition to fruition.

It’s in the spirit of that collaboration that we extend our invitation to investors to join us in creating the Midlands of the future.

We believe the Midlands is the best place to invest in the UK. We will work together to help you find the very best location in the Midlands for your investment to deliver the maximum return and to make your investment journey an easy one.

Midlanders are proud of three centuries of international trade and enterprise. We sell high quality products all over the world. I think it’s a huge strength to have so many brilliant Midlands businesses, from advanced manufacturing to the life sciences, working with us here.

Digital and transport connectivity are the lifeblood of any successful economy. 250 years ago visionary transport investments enabled the industrial revolution that made Britain’s economy the most powerful on earth. We look forward to HS2 having a similarly transformative effect.

There has never been a better time to invest in the Midlands.

Join us.

Sir John Peace