Platinum Partner

Highest levels of profile and a bespoke package tailored to your needs priced at £20,000 plus VAT.

If the Platinum Partner package is right for you, please complete the online sign up form here.

To find out more please ring Jon Derry on 07375 080121 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can tailor your MIPIM Partnership package to best meet your business needs.

Delegate pass to MIPIM 20201 pass
Invitation to a Midlands UK launch event2 tickets - Attend the East Midlands (19th September) or West Midlands (25th September) UK MIPIM launch event
A welcome Guide to MIPIM 2020Your free MIPIM guide on how to maximise your experience
Local Destination Partner packageNominate 2 Destination in the Midlands. Add an additional Destination for £1,750.
Invitation to MIPIM 2020 Newcomers eventFirst time at MIPIM? This event will provide all the information you need to know - 3rd December 2019
Pre-MIPIM briefingsReceive access to three Pre-MIPIM events:
1) Commercial Partner event
2) Marketing and Communications briefing
3) Commercial Partner event - Final look at MIPIM 2020
Pre-MIPIM leaders dinnerTwo invitations to the pre-MIPIM Leaders dinner (13 February 2020)
Midlands UK pavilion logo wallLogo representation within the Midlands UK Pavilion
Midlands UK branded lanyard and pin badgeDemonstrate your status as an official Midlands UK Partner with exclusive branded merchandise
Pavilion AV wall24 seconds of pre-edited video content or 5 hero images to be included
USB sticksContaining presentations/collateral up to 5MB
Midlands UK websiteListed as an official partner on the Midlands UK website, which received over 20,454 page views from 65 countries in 2019. Including a link to company website. logo, blog and video content
Social MediaInclusion in the Midlands UK social media activity @UKMidlands
Midlands UK PDF brochure1 page within the brochure
Midlands UK pavilion meeting and networking spacePre-book 10 meeting slots in the Midlands UK pavilion
Additional MIPIM 2020 passesAvailable at a cost of £1,150 ex VAT
Concierge serviceFrom collecting messages to arranging meetings, the Midlands UK team are on site to help
Images on walls and tables5 hero images displayed in the pavilion on the walls and tables
Branding in Midlands UK PRQuote in narrative
Accommodation serviceAssistance with accommodation in central Cannes hotel room/apartment
Invitation to MIPIM 2020 close of show finale party2 tickets - 12th March 2020
Invitation to post MIPIM 2020 de-briefing event - 1st April 20202 invitations - 1st April 2020